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Saturday, April 30, 2011, 07:50

God Save The (Omniture) Quine

Some weeks ago, while testing a website hosted by a client of ours
with DOMinator, I found that an Omniture Catalyst plugin called
crossVisitParticipation used an eval on a cookie value.
It was a typical 'eval(cookieValue)' which is bad from a security
perspective, but there is something more interesting which made me think
to write a post about it, since the attack vector was kind of advanced
and the model here is different from "traditional" meshups.
In fact in the Omniture case, companies have to save an auto generated
JS and host it on their own websites.
This means updates are directly tied to a local site administration
policy, and no real time update is possible.

Continue reading on Minded Security Blog..


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